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DVI Guide - DVI Connectors and Cables Explained

What is DVI?

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a standard  developed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG), which  allows digital flat panel displays, monitors, projectors and  plasma screens to be connected using a single connector. The  DVI interface is able to support both digital and analogue  signals over a single cable.

What are the advantages of  DVI?

Traditional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) displays use an  analogue signal to receive image data from the computers graphics  card. For this reason, early graphics cards needed to convert their  native digital signal into analogue in order to support CRT  monitors.

LCD monitors are digital display devices, but when  they were first introduced they needed to be able to accept and  adapt this analogue signal to ensure compatibility with the majority  of available computers. In order for the LCD to accept the  computer's analogue output, the signal had to be reconverted to  digital.

Since both the computer and the LCD digital monitor  accept and transmit digital signals, the process of translating  digital to analogue is fundamentally unnecessary. The DVI digital  connection removes this digital " analogue " digital conversion  process, and so removes inaccuracies and information loss due to  each conversion process.

DVI, at standard cable lengths (up to 7.5m), suffers  none of the problems traditionally associated with analogue  interfaces, such as noise, “sparkles”, “ghosting”, “snow”, poor  colour matching and “softness” caused by loss of sharpness.

The DVI interface has proven to be extremely  versatile; it provides manufacturers with the flexibility to support  digital devices while remaining backwards compatible with analogue  devices.

DVI Connection  Types

DVI-D Single Link this Digital only connection supports digital only  displays with screen resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080.

DVI-D Dual Link similar to single link, this connection uses a second data  link and supports much higher resolutions, such as 2048 x 1536  (QXGA). Click here  to see our range of DVI-D Dual Link cables.

DVI-A, Analogue this  rarely used cable connects only the analogue RGB signals.

DVI-I Single Link this connection incorporates both the digital and analogue signals  in a single cable. This means the cable can send a  digital-to-digital or an analogue-to-analogue signal (for use  with an analogue display).

DVI-I Dual Link similar  to DVI-I Single Link, but with a second data link for higher  resolutions. This connection incorporates both the digital and  analogue signals in a single cable. This means the cable can  send a digital-to-digital or an analogue-to-analogue  signal.

HDMI (High Definition  Multimedia Interface) For use with Plasma and  High Definition TVs, projectors and LCD Screens. HDMI cables  combine the digital video signal of DVI with multi-channel  audio, and control signals. Additionally, the HDMI standard  includes a feature called HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content  Protection) to protect material from being copied across the  digital interface.

DVI D Single Link Male

DVI-D Single Link Male

DVI D Dual Link Male

DVI-D Dual Link Male

DVI I Single Link Male

DVI-I Single Link Male

DVI I Dual Link Male

DVI-I Dual Link Male

DVI-D Female

DVI-D Female

DVI I Female

DVI-I Female


HDMI Female

HDMI Type A Male

HDMI Type A  Female

Maximum distance between computers

With standard DVI cables you can extend the distance  for digital monitors with fixed cables and connections, by up to  7.5m. Please note that cable lengths over 7.5m are above the  recommended length laid down by the DDWG . Using longer cables may  result in image degradation or loss of picture, but to some extent  this also depends on the performance of your graphics card and  monitor. Please also remember that every additional male-female  connection you make can lower the quality of the signal  transmission. However, for long distance solutions, we recommend you  use our  DVI-D  Single Link SLD (Super Long Distance) cables. These cables are  specially designed for longer transmission lengths.

RF-BLOK  Connector

In keeping with the tradition of premium quality  computer connection technology, all  DVI-D and SLD Cables  use a rugged construction RF-BLOK shielded design that ensures  optimum performance from your flat panel monitor.  RF-BLOK cables use a one-piece metal block EMI/RF shield that  gives reduced interference, and increased insulation  resistance of up to 25%. The innovative interconnect design  means there is no soldering required in the assembly of the  cable. The design and excellent RF shielding also means that  there is no requirement for a ferrite core, so the cable is  less stressed and more flexible " an advantage when the cable  needs to be bent in tight spaces.

DVI Adapters

DVI  Adapters allow different monitors and graphics cards to be  connected to the DVI interface. A wide range is available including  ADC, DFP, VGA, P&D and HDMI versions.

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